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Hate Groups Stamp by VampsStock Hate Groups Stamp by VampsStock
EDIT-Oh hell, only a few hours up and I'm already having to disable comments. Guys, I've got too much stress in real life right now to waste energy on pointless DA fights. Go bitch somewhere else. I have no obligation to listen to your opinion.

For those who want to use the whole 'it's my opinion' cliche, I suggest you take a look at my other stamp [link]

Just hatin’ on hate groups here :rofl: In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about the anti-wolf, anti-fox, anti-anime, anti-Twilight, anti-Warriors, anti-anime, anti….EVERYTHING! :faint: In case you haven't guessed, I am very much against these types of groups, as I believe it is just another form of bullying and refusing to take responsibility for your actions.

Okay, for the record I know pro-haters get all "Baw, I have the right to hate just as much as you do to love!!!! Baw, stupid butthurt fantard!!!" Okay, listen carefully, because apparently there’s been a miscommunication. I’m Not Saying You Can’t Hate Something. But for hell’s sake, show some freakin’s self control and keep it to yourself. Hate groups can and will make people feel hurt. Yes, that it relevant. It's called showing consideration for another human being's feelings. If you say that you shouldn't have to, then you're no better than a bully.

Yeah, there are fandoms I don’t like, but I don’t make, join, or allow my art in groups that write pointless slur about how people that do like the fandom are retarded idiots. What good is that going to do? Yes, everyone is entitled to they're opinion, but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to shove it down people’s throats. And as for the people who say “But I should be able to join up with people who share my opinion!!!!” Okay, so if I understand correctly, you want to make friends and be involved in a community built solely on hatred for something? Seriously...I mean...seriously? :facepalm: Yeah, I know those are the kind of friends I would want :sarcasm:

Yes, I realize some fan groups can sponsor hate as well, and those are obviously NOT the kinds of groups I support. I think insane fan groups which concentrate on the unhealthy worship of the object of their affection and support attacking people are no better than hate groups. Proper, well-run fandom groups are made to foster friendship and help lesser-known artist get critique and attention by drawing things that they love and showing them to people with the same interests. DA is meant to sponsor unity, not bigotry.

Bottom line, there are things you should keep to yourself. If you have to have a place to bitch and moan about fandoms (which, by the way, have no relevance in the real world) to feel happy and fulfilled, then I think you really need to start rethinking your priorities.

But I digress.

Anyway, hate groups are pointless, this stamp is pointless. Don’t like it, move along. I’m not here to argue, I just wanted to blow off some steam.

Yes, you can use this, you don’t have to ask.

Stamp template by ~ERHBuggy [link]
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April 13, 2012
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