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Respect for Birds Stamp by VampsStock Respect for Birds Stamp by VampsStock
EDIT-Holy crap, who let the trolls out? I've gotten like three offensive, inconsiderate comments on this stamp in the last week. That may not sound like a lot, but considering that Iíve gotten nothing but positive comments on this stamp up until now, this makes me think that they are coming from somewhere. Has someone told their watchers to come after me or something? Either way, Iíve had enough, Iím not going to sit here and let people pollute a perfectly good stamp with ignorant bird-hating comments. If you donít like birds, why are you even looking at this? And if you think that youíre not a troll because youíre only Ďexpressing your opinioní I recommend that you check out my other stamp [link] Because of everything that's happend, I'm going to disable comments. Thanks to all the people that have left positive comments, I really appreciate the support. Iím angry with these people, but never scared, so donít worry, I will never take the stamp down.

Because they donít get enough. Ever notice that, the majority of the time, birds are never the main characters, always the goofy Ďsidekickí or villainís henchman (one exception would be the amazing movies ĎLegend of the Guardians-The owls of GaíHoole' and 'Rio')? Birds are carelessly shot for Ďtarget practiceí, fought in rings with razor blades attached to their legs, and abused and hurt because people donít consider them Ďimportantí enough to care anything about. They are so much more than twittering balls of feathers or corn-eating pests, they are amazing. They master the art of flight and song, and birds like crows and ravens are extraordinarily intelligent. They are both predator and prey, a pest to some, a hero to others. They are adaptable, unique, and beautiful. I know this because Iíve had a fascination with them for many years, and have been drawing them seriously for a good six years now, even though you may not find many in my gallery. My totem animal is a type of bird, I own one bird currently (but Iíve had many more in the past), and can name many species by sight alone, Iím not trying to brag, Iím just making any haters aware that I know what Iím talking about. So please, give them more consideration, and realize that they are thinking, feeling, breathing creatures, just like a wolf or a lion. If you agree and have a bird OC or an interest in them, feel free to join the club I have on my main account :iconavian-ocs: .
I added some GIMP texture to give this stamp an interesting look; I think it came out pretty well. Yes, you can use this, you donít have to ask.

Bird stock by StewartSteve [link]

Stamp template by stamp-album
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February 2, 2011
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